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Christi Battrick
Kelowna, BC

Raised on BC’s coast, Christi moved to the Okanagan about thirteen years ago. Although she has come and gone from the valley over the years, Kelowna continues to be a home-base.

She has always had an interest in photography, starting in high school with a traditional film SLR camera. As photo-editing software appeared on the scene, Christi tried a very early addition of Adobe Photoshop and from that point on, she was hooked. Soon it became nearly impossible for her to print a photo without first tweaking this, adjusting that and she now uses the latest software to achieve endless possibilities of alteration.

Her latest endeavor is to print photos on canvas and other mediums without colour and then to add the colour back in using both traditional hand colouring methods and software. Christi’s photographic subjects tend to lean toward her fascination with the past. She finds treasure in coming across old cars in a field, abandoned buildings, and old photos; anything with a story to tell.

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