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The Transients




Carol Hermesh
Summerland, BC

Carol is a photographer and digital artist and states, “Creativity has a way of feeding off itself and expanding into the unexplored. Each series is still growing and expanding as I experiment with the sizes of the prints and the variety of ways of finishing the product. Each new montage is the result of many hours of computer manipulation. Although creativity is not new to me, it is now taking a new form in that it is becoming a viable career as a photographer.”

Carol believes that it often takes teamwork to become a successful artist. She is the business manager for her husband Michael Hermesh’s work; playing a supportive role including the photography of his sculpture and in some cases the photography of the drawing group models, to bring out certain gestures in his work. These photographs lead to experimentation and finally to a couple of series of photomontages that are now printed as gicleés and photos in small series.

Actively showcasing her work, Carol has exhibited
at both the Penticton and Summerland art galleries, Leir House Cultural Centre and for the Bohemian Festival at the Red Rooster Winery.